The Talking Eggs: Serving Our Innermost Story

What speaks to me are The Talking Eggs that symbolized the essence of who we truly are. In the new thought tradition, it says that we were born (egg) loaded and coded with our unique patterns as an individual expression of God. Everything we need is already within us waiting be discovered. The eggs calls, “pick me, pick me” but we can only hear them with our inner ear.

Blanch struggled a little bit when she saw the beautiful Fabergé like eggs, she reaches for one of those but it didn’t say anything to her, instead she picked the brown eggs that talks, like the old woman says (19:59) this means listening to the higher Self.

Like Blanche’s initiatory experience, it helps us recognize the symbolic meaning and its significance in our own life. The uninitiated do not lack the experience of Soul, but they fail to recognize its power and meaning (Pearson, 61). Our job is to be aware of our inner Rose and to know when to stop tossing the jeweled egg so we can be in tune with our inner Blanch and pay attention to the eggs that speaks to us.

Dr. Young:

There is so much white noise inside our heads it is amazing we can ever think straight. Temptations, distractions, and false leads abound. The trick is quieting ourselves to be able to discern the calling that speaks to our best selves. 

We take the rose option many times. Finally, we get it. The simple egg is the pure choice. It is not about impressing others or gaining power. It is about serving our innermost story.


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